All university buildings are closed, with only limited access to employees deemed as critical to our core operations. 

Campus status
Student Services  
Food Services  
Merlis Belsher Place Field Hospital  
Construction Projects  

Essential Services

USask is working diligently to maintain day-to-day services of its core and critical services on campus. These include:

  • utilities (heat, power, etc)
  • protective services
  • safety
  • student residences (food and lodging)
  • animal care
  • health and benefit support
  • payroll

Normal university operations will continue to the best of our abilities during this time.

Campus deliveries

For staff and faculty:

The University of Saskatchewan is working with the campus community to keep deliveries to a minimum through this time in order to support Saskatchewan Health Authority directives. Any delivery of a product that is not core or critical to university operations is discouraged at this time. Non-critical products received on campus will be stored until such time than an on-campus delivery can occur. Critical and core goods coming to campus must be labelled.

Staff and faculty with the necessary permissions to be on campus to support core and critical activities may arrange for campus delivery of goods received at the Facilities Warehouse.  Delivery from the Facilities Warehouse to a campus location can be made by sending a request to

For suppliers, couriers, and service providers:

Effective April 1, all suppliers, couriers, and services provider may deliver goods, without prior approval, to the locations indicated below. Only product specifically consigned for these units will be accepted.  These locations are:

  • VIDO-Intervac, Shipping and Receiving
  • Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Shipping and Receiving
  • College of Agriculture and Bioresources, Shipping and Receiving
  • The Central Heating and Cooling Plant, Shipping and Receiving

Orders on a Facilities PO (starts with FM) may be delivered, without prior approval to:

  •  Facilities Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving.

All packages destined for other locations on campus are to be dropped off at the Facilities Stores loading dock, USB Building, 110 Maintenance Road and final delivery will be completed by USask personnel.

Suppliers, couriers, and service providers providing service to non-university entities such as the Sylvia Fedoruk Centre, the Canadian Light Source, etc. are to make independent arrangements with these organizations for delivery.

University mail

The delivery of all regular university mail has been suspended. Mail deliveries to university departments that have been identified as core or critical will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. All other mail will be held in a central location on campus.

Please consult your Facilities SBA if you have a specific mail request or contact Facilities Support Services if your department does not have an assigned Facilities SBA.

Payment processing

Submission of Invoices and Arranging for E-payment

The University of Saskatchewan is moving to electronic invoice receipt and associated payment processing.


If you already email your invoice to USask, continue to use the same email address and process as you currently use.

If you typically mail invoices to USask, please contact to setup electronic invoice reciept. 

Suppliers electing not to submit invoices electronically may face delays based on the service levels provided by Canada Post and the ability for staff to come onto campus to process these payments while respecting the guidance provided by the public health authorities.


If you normally receive payment of your invoice via a physical cheque from USask, please sign up for an electronic payment option by calling ConnectionPoint at (306) 966-2000, leave a message and an agent will reply to you as soon as one is available.

USask will continue to process invoices that it receives, but suppliers who are not signed up for electronic payment will experience delays of unknown duration in receiving payment based on the service levels provided by Canada Post and the ability for staff to come onto campus to process these payments while respecting the guidance provided by the public health authorities.


All events are cancelled until further notice. Please contact the relevant event organizer for details about your particular event.


Symptoms or Health Concerns

Call HealthLine at 811.

General SK COVID-19 Questions

Call 1-855-559-5502, or 306-787-8539 (Regina) from 6 am to 10 pm.

USask-related Questions