Stages of reopening are guided by Provincial recommendations and guidelines, but USask may decide to move more conservatively in some areas to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.

USask is currently in Stage 3 of reopening.


USask's Pandemic Response and Recovery Team (PRT) has developed a Fall Implementation Plan which provides the process for determining the details of a primarily remote (hybrid) delivery of classes for the fall term beginning September 1, 2020 (and extending to December 31, 2020), with limited on-campus activities and people.

Planning Foundations

The Planning Foundations lays out the principles, criteria, and planning assumptions used to inform and guide decision-making and coordinate implementation and transition from the current state to the primarily remote (hybrid) scenario for the fall term.

Stages of Recovery Framework

To support the fall implementation plan, a framework has been developed that outlines a staged return to on-campus activities at the university, including research, teaching and learning, and support service operations. The staged return only includes activities that must be conducted in university spaces, including our physical campuses and university-operated properties and sites. Until further notice, all campus activities that can be conducted remotely will continue to be conducted remotely.

Key Area Fall Implementation Plans

The following key area plans outline goals, resources/supports, responsibilities, timelines and deliverables:

  1. Academic (Teaching & Learning) Plan
  2. Research Plan
  3. Governance Plan
  4. Operations and Facilities Plan
  5. Technology Plan
  6. People and Resources Plan
  7. Communications Plan

Stakeholder Feedback

As noted in the specific plans, a complex network of people from across the institution have provided considerable input and guidance in preparing this implementation plan. Discussion with external stakeholders have been extensive, including the provincial government and post-secondary sector partners.

As we move forward with this plan, we intend to continue to engage our campus community and meet (or meet again in some instances) with campus community groups, including Dean’s Council, Faculty Council Chairs, student leaders, Associate Deans Academic, and Associate Deans Research.

External stakeholders that the university will reach out to further discuss these plans will include:

  • The City of Saskatoon
  • Continued engagement with the provincial government
  • Indigenous partners and organizations
  • Business community organizations

Timelines for Approval/Delivery

Draft Implementation Plan submitted to PEC May 29, 2020
PEC approves Draft Implementation Plan June 4, 2020
Further engagement/stakeholder feedback received June 5 – 15, 2020
Updated Implementation Plan submitted to PEC June 15, 2020
Delivery of Implementation Plan June – September 2020